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Welcome To Fabric

Tailored intelligence... Informed actions

  • Fabric is a bespoke knowledge management tool, designed to help companies better engage with their customers.
  • Fabric gathers and merges customer data from multiple sources, tailoring the information to meet individual users’ needs.
  • Fabric empowers its users to make informed decisions, and to target and manage actions for business success.


Created using best in class analytics technology, Fabric was built from the ground up using pure HTML, CSS and JS. No plugins required.


Fabric is designed to work across all types of devices including desktop, mobile and tablet.


Fabric is hosted in UK based ISO27001 & PCI-DSS compliant data centres, and uses 256 bit SSL encryption to keep your data safe.


Fabric is designed to integrate with a wide range of data sources, including traditional CSV, XML or triple S as well as big data like Twitter, Facebook or Google Analytics.


Each Fabric tool is tailor-made, creating a unique and bespoke knowledge system for each company.


Fabric helps companies to engage with customer feedback through intuitive design.


Users are able to get under the skin of their customers via Fabric’s interactive analysis platform.


Fabric truly brings the Voice of the Customer to life, helping to prioritise action and activity.


Threading multiple data sources into a single knowledge tool allows Fabric to support a wide range of stakeholders.

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